Dear Dr. Mike, and Nurse Receptionist,

My daughter was very happy to take the bus by herself to see you both. She’s never traveled alone to ANY doctor before. She told her friend who suggested she wait for a ride home at the local library after the appointment was over. She told him, “NO, I love it here! I’ll wait for you here.”

Wow….thank you for your level of patience and kindness at your office.

One Happy Mom


Dr. Mike on May 27, 2014 and am I glad I did as is my daughter. There is just no comparison with the compassion that Dr. Mike showed my daughter. When she returned home from her dentist visit she was so excited to tell her little brother and daddy about how much fun she had. My daughter actually received a filling at this visit, however, you would never know from her excitement.


My children love Dr. Mike. They look forward to going to the dentist! I would recommend him to anyone!!

Ali B

I have been telling everyone how awesome Dr. Mike, Amanda and the rest of his staff is. Wonderful Wonderful dentist and put my daughter at ease 1 year ago. She reminds me that it is time for a cleaning. Great Job Dr. Mike!


Dr. Mike is amazing with the kids. Our last dentist wasn’t bad, but my boys would still get nervous and apprehensive before their dental appt. Now they look forward to their dentist appointment. Dr. Mike involves the kids and explains the process to them as he goes along. He also takes the time to answer any questions the kids and the parents have. He’s very patient and has a wonderful lighthearted demeanor with the kids. The staff is also very friendly and courteous. My boys and I are more than happy with the Tootharium practice.


I recommend this dentist, especially for children visiting the dentist for the first time! The staff is very friendly and professional. Dr. Mike is so funny, the boys loved his singing and silly jokes! He is very patient and thorough w/answering questions and explaining what he is doing. The best part of the visit for the boys was filing out the menu of flavors, getting to wear cool shades during the visit and all the goodies they got to take home! Thank you to Dr. Mike and staff…. If only adult dentist’s were this fun 🙂

Melissa A

I highly recommend Dr. Mike because of one simple reason, he is always happy to see new faces and its very clear to see he loves his job!

Being one of his patience I can tell you he is a 1 in a million

Matt Grande

Consider these 5 stars as 10, 100 or more – and I am not related to Dr. Mike, nor am I writing this as a courtesy. I am just a happy dad and so is my wife and writing our testimony to help any worried parents as we were before we met Dr. Mike) Email me if you want to know about any details. Dr. Mike is the best pediatric dentist I have seen. I have read many reviews (great ones) about other doctors and seen them in action and trust me and others who have been to Dr. Mike that there is no compare. He convinced us that he can treat our daughter’s (3 yrs) cavities without anethesia which others claimed and failed. Forget crying my daughter followed his instructions to the T – opened her mouth when asked, let the drilling, cleaning, filling all take place with no issue. in fact she was happy all througout the procedure. Did I mention usually you can get her to sit anywhere more than 30 seconds, not even with us. More so, we have one more sitting and she is excited. I can’t find an adult who would cooperate so willingly as my daughter did and thats just cause Dr. Mike will talk to her like her friend and yet give her the respect. I don’t know how to put it better as its an art. I will write pages here if I can for him but if you have any hesitancy email me. Many of us go through many hurdles getting the right doctor for our kids, luckily – we know we will not be looking for a dentist.


An amazing experience!!!!! Dr. Mike was great with my kid & made the cleaning experience a pleasure. Not to mention he convinced my son to pull 2 teeth which was a breeze. BTW, loved the idea of the Menu that the kids get to pick from for the flavors of floss, fluoride & tooth paste.
Thanks Dr. Mike.

Jay Budhrani

After a bad experience with another pediatric dentist we visited Dr. Mike my son absolutely adored him, the staff is great very professional and they are always willing to help!! I would definitely recommend Dr. Mike hands-down the BEST pediatric dentist!!!


Absolutely amazing!! I love this place so much everyone was extremely nice and my daughter LOVED IT . She was so nervous and after said she can’t wait to go back lol.. I highly recommend this place!

Dana M